Opti-Learn facilitates the Impaq ( range of products for Grade R to Grade 9.

Opti-Learn also facilitates the Moorehouse Academy Scool4U ( range of products for Grade 10 to Grade 12

It is a CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum, which is the national South African education policy. Completing a grade at Opti-Learn is similar to completing a grade in a government school. This means that learners will be able to mainstream to either a government or private schooling institution, write the National Senior Certificate (matric exam) and/or enrol for studies with a South African university or college.

The CAPS curriculum is followed for Foundation phase (grades 1 – 3); Intermediate phase (grades 4 – 6), Senior phase (grades 7 – 9) and FET phase (grades 10 -12).

This means that cycle tests are written twice a year (Term 1, March and Term 3, September) as well as exams (Term 2, June and Term 4, November).

Portfolio assignments are continuous assessments completed in each term in each subject per grade. These assignments together with tests and exams make up the marks for each term, which is presented in an Impaq term report.

Just a word of thanks for ensuring my child is always kept up to date with all her subjects. I appreciate all that the tutors are doing. 
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
-Grade 7 Parent