Group Tutoring

  • Morning tutoring sessions are scheduled from 08h00 to 13h30.
  • Learners in grades 10 – 12 attend the sessions that are presented in their subjects per day as per the grade lesson schedule provided.
  • They can stay and complete assignments and homework in allocated lecture rooms when they do not have a session scheduled. Supervision and assistance are provided.
  • Learners in grades 10 – 12 may leave the centre premises once they have attended the sessions for the subjects in which they required tutoring.
  • Learners in grade 4 – 9 follow a program that is designed to include subject tuition as well as improving English, Afrikaans and Math skills.
  • Time is also allocated to develop study skills as well as to pay attention to diagnosed or observed learning difficulties.
  • Grades 1 – 3 attend sessions that are focused on improving their specific learning difficulty and includes numeracy, literacy and life skills tutoring.

Administrative arrangements:

Schooling hours: 08h00 – 13h30 Monday to Friday

Opti-Learn fees are for twelve months of the year and include a deposit upon first registration.

There is no official school uniform

Every student receives a subject timetable to follow

Exams are written twice a year during June and November